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NEW Carboxy Facial


Our new facial increases oxygen supply to your skin, which is critical for cell metabolism, this process provides oxygen to the skin while simultaneously stimulating blood circulation, metabolism, and protein synthesis.

This helps with fine lines, enhances skin tone, elasticity, texture and helps balance oil/moisture in our skin.

Carboxy Treatment - $100 Includes Double Cleanse, Carboxy Treatment Mask, Hydrating Mask and finishing serums + moisturizer/SPF

Carboxy Facial - $150 Includes treatment in addition to microdermabrasion or dermaplaning. (Your specialist will decide which is best)

Carboxy Deluxe Facial- $185 includes facial in addition to Gua Sha for the ultimate treatment.

Try this amazing treatment and receive 20% during the month of April. Special ends 04/30/2023 Discount code: CARBOXY when booking online

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