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Please read Policies page as well 
Prior to Treatment
  • If you have had previous permanent makeup in the area you will need to schedule a consultation first before scheduling procedure.

  • Do NOT take Aspirin, Fish Oil, Niacin, Vitamin E and/or Ibuprofen unless medically necessary, 72 hrs prior to your procedure.  Tylenol is fine.

  • You cannot get microblading/nanostrokes or any permanent makeup procedure while pregnant or nursing.

  • Consult  your  doctor  for  any  specific  concerns  such  as  recent  surgery  or  

    current  medications,  particularly  blood  thinners.

  • Do not work out the day of the procedure and you will need to avoid extreme exercise 72 hours - 1 week post treatment.

  • No Retin-A or retinol around the area for 2 weeks before and 4-6 weeks after. 

  • NO TANNING at all for 4 weeks prior, or have sunburned face. Your appointment will be rescheduled. NO TANNING 4 weeks after procedure.

  • NO alcohol or caffeine on the day of the procedure.

  • NO waxing around the area 3 days prior to the procedure.

  • Please note that you will be more sensitive during your menstrual cycle.

  • Do not use any eyelash serums  (Latisse) 2 weeks before your eyeliner procedure. 

  • Refrain  from  wearing  contact  lenses  during  an  eyeliner  procedure.

  • Bring your sunglasses if you are having eyeliner done that day.


If you work out regularly (3-7 days a week), your eyebrows can fade faster due to the production of salt/sweat. Appointments will not be moved earlier if you have premature fading due to lifestyle. They WILL appear more powdered or blurred under the skin as well. If you are not ok with this, then you should not have the procedure done. We recommend that you get Ombre brows instead. 

If you are out in the sun a lot, have oily skin, use anti-aging creams, retinA/retinol products, acidic cleansers, natural elements, regular chemical peels, or exercise frequently, your permanent makeup WILL fade prematurely.  The better you take care of the treated area and follow the provided aftercare, the longer it will last. 

Aquarelle Info to know prior to booking: PLEASE READ


If you have ever had a fever blister or cold sore, you will almost certainly break out with fever blisters on your lips after any lip procedure. To help prevent this from occurring, it is absolutely essential that you obtain a prescription for an anti-viral medication and take as prescribed normally taken days before or after depending on your doctor prescribes it. Failure to follow this recommendation may result in a breakout of fever blisters, which may last up to six weeks


I sincerely hope that you are one of the very few lucky individuals who get perfect results with only one application of your permanent makeup. However, that is the exception rather than the rule. You will most likely need at least 1-2 touch ups or sometimes a third touch up for a finished look. On average, a permanent lip coloring procedure must be repeated after initial application. The second and third applications can be performed at 8 week intervals. A few days after your initial pigment application, your lips may appear the same as they were before the procedure or that 50% of the applied pigment has disappeared. The color may even look slightly blotchy. Lip tissue is different than skin tissue and has a different healing process.


Over the next 8 weeks you will see the color bloom and at 8 weeks we will know how much color you retained. We build more color at your follow up visits. You might feel that you just paid to have your lips colored and have received nothing in return. This is not the case. The skin layers beneath the top layer of your lips have been saturated with pigment. After each follow up visit, you will notice a much greater saturation of pigment.  

Since each person has a different chemical and genetic makeup, it is impossible to tell in advance how much pigment retention you can expect with each application and how many applications you will ultimately need. I promise to provide 100% pigment saturation with each application, but the amount you retain is unpredictable.


Please remember that the amount of pigment you retain or lose after each application is not a reflection of the quality of work, but a reflection of each individual’s chemical and genetic makeup.



You will receive your aftercare instructions the day of your appointment.


Please keep in mind you can not swim in any body of water for 2 weeks post treatment. This treatment is not recommended before going on vacation.

I would recommended buying Aquaphor, for use after your treatment.

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