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Personalized Facials and Skin Care Treatments 

Express Facial - $60 

Perfect for when time is of the essence. This express facial will rejuvenate the skin and leave you feeling renewed and hydrated through a process of cleansing, exfoliation, and a customized mask.


Customized Facial - $95

This classic facial is tailored to each client’s needs. Includes deep pore cleansing, extractions if needed, exfoliation with enzyme, we have over 10 different enzymes to choose for your specific skin type and concern, massage, and mask.


Aquasure H2 Facial- $190

NEW Aquasure H2 infuses hydrogen water into the skin using exfoliating aqua tips to vacuum away blackheads and trapped oils, old makeup, dead skin cells from the pores. It also removes free radicals and helps boost antioxidant activity, There are also three other serums in addition to the hydrogen to help deeply cleanse, extract and hydrate the skin. Galvanic helps to further push all the serums into the skin which makes this treatment unlike any other aqua facial. Facial massage, mask and LED is included with this facial making it even more amazing!

Express Aquasure H2 - $100

Great for a quick pick me up or maintenance in-between full service facials. 

Microdermabrasion​ Treatment - $75

Exfoliate and eliminate the superficial layers of dry, dead skin, brown spots, and age spots with microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion buffs and polishes using tiny exfoliating crystals to leave the skin looking softer and brighter without any downtime.


Microdermabrasion with Facial - $115

Add a customized facial to microdermabrasion for a fresh and rejuvenated look. Your skin will love you.

Express Dermaplaning Treatment- $75

Dermaplaning is a skincare procedure involving manual exfoliation and removal of dead skin cells and vellus hair (fine facial hair, or “peach fuzz”) using a sterile blade with a very minimal guard. Dermaplaning produces immediate results of even skin texture and tone. 

Dermaplaning with Facial- $115

This includes our customized facial with dermaplaning to leave your skin smooth and glowing.

Skin Care Consultation

Not sure where to start? We can talk to you about what services and products are best for you. Zoom Consultations are available now. Schedule online!

LightStim LED Treatment - $75

LightStim's Multi-Wave™ technology simultaneously emits multiple wavelength (colors) of light that penetrate into the dermis layer of the skin and stimulate increased cellular function to produce collagen and elastin, reduce inflammation and speed healing. This treatment includes LED therapy to the face, application of  serum, moisturizer and SPF.



Book a facial now, we’re located in Tuscan Square on south 31st St and service clients from Temple, Belton, Salado, Harker Heights and surrounding cities in Bell County. Schedule a microdermabrasion and facial now and get the skin you deserve.

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