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3D Areola Tattooing

One of the final steps in the Breast Reconstruction process can involve 3D Areola tattooing. This can also be done to help camouflage any scarring surrounding the areola if you have had surgery that has helped keep the areola intact. You may have scars or misshapen areola. These issues can be easily visually improved by tattooing over them to even out the shape, size, and color of the nipple.

3D Areola tattooing helps create the illusion of a nipple. Each session starts by finding the right placement, size and color for each client. Topical numbing is normally not needed but can be used if needed once we have begun implanting the ink.

A touch up is recommended at 8 weeks so we can check to see how the color has healed and add any more details to the nipple if needed. After that we recommend a touch up every 5 years.

Ana has received her training from one of the top areola artists in the industry. She looks forward to helping you with the last step of your breast reconstruction process.

We offer free consultations if you are interested in getting more information. You can call or text 254-295-3820 to schedule.

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