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New Nanostroke Eyebrows!

Bye Bye Microblading!

As many you have noticed I have been actively using my Nanostroke technique to create the same natural looking eyebrows that I was creating with microblading.

I have been offering permanent makeup services now going on 6 years, which has included microblading. I have always been so impressed by the nano stroke technique that I have now been offering it solely for my clients. It gives the same results with less trauma to the skin. Microblading is a form of permanent makeup that adds pigment into the skin using a hand tool that is compromised of a configuration of needles to stroke the pigment into the skin

With nano stroking we use what is a called a nano needle.

Nano needles are amazing as they are the size of a hair and flexible. In essence they can be used to draw to replicate a real hair in the skin with minimal trauma. We attach the sterile single use needle to a pen like machine and perform the service by allowing the machine to etch the stroke into the skin.

I have had great results with microblading but now with the improved technology of nano needles I believe I can offer even more natural brows for my clients without creating excessive damage to the underlying skin.

Below are some eyebrows done with Nano-stroke technqiue.

FAQ about Nanostrokes vs Microblading

What are the similarities in the two techniques?

  • Both methods give the client the illusion of hair strokes and both use pigments not ink.

  • Nano needling and microblading allow us to create the perfect brow taking into consideration desired shape, colour, thickness, and arch to create the perfect brow for YOU.

  • Both treatments allow us to custom pick a colour.

  • Both methods allow the pigment to fade slowly over a period of time.

  • Once treatments are complete, the implanted strokes appear fine and realistic in both procedures.

  • Nano needling strokes do over time have a greater rate of remaining crisp and clear.

Technique differences?

  • Microblading is a manual procedure depending on the pressure used, the pigment can be implanted too deep with unexperienced technicians ,which can lead to grey looking brows ,which is not the desired out come.

  • Nano stroke treatments are performed by a machine which allows the pigment to be deposited more evenly into the skin. Which then reduces the need for additional touch ups. The nano needling technique is a much cleaner process than microblading. Procedures using nano needling last longer and should only require a colour boost after 12 months up to 2 years after initial touch up (if needed).

Overtime nano strokes provide a better result with time than microblading.

I have been able to perfect my technique by continuing my education with Mary Ritcherson. She is highly sought out in the industry and her training has provided me with he ability to provide the best outcome for my clients.

Had fun learning from Mary!
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